All Hail the Dramatic Veil Photos

If there’s one thing our Instagram followers know about us, we love a good veil shot. We’re talking perfectly wind-blown, side-swooped, dramatic AF veils captured in only the most pristine light and setting. And that’s why we encourage our brides to always opt for the long veil. While birdcages are uniquely fun and going “bare” is perfectly simplistic, there’s nothing like a big ornate veil to give that wow factor – in photos and real life.

Whether you’re booking your wedding photography with Muñoz Photography or hiring someone else, there are a few veil shots you will want on your big day.

Veil in the Foreground

When it comes to photos that feature the veil, this is kind of our namesake. Taking these shots means the wedding photographer must generally get down a little low and carefully but purposely swoop the bride’s veil back and forth, allowing the end of it (closest to the camera) to enter a section of the frame. It makes for a seriously stunning and effortlessly dramatic photo every single time. This type of veil shot most often includes both the bride and the groom. And if you can get a bright blue sky or vibrant greenery in the background of the shot, the contrast is everything.

bride and groom on pedestrian bride surrounded by trees


This classic veil shot requires your wedding photographer to get up close and personal with you (and oftentimes, your husband too). We will get under your veil to take a photo from below. Sometimes, we take this shot just to capture the back of a bride’s wedding dress and the beautiful environment around her, but most of the time, we’re capturing a photo of both the bride and the groom smiling or looking beautifully serious with the veil offering a gorgeous sun-filtering halo effect around them. 

bride and groom smiling under bride's veil
bride's veil blowing in the wind over rocky terrain next to Atlantic Ocean
bride and groom kissing under bride's veil


This isn’t one of our go-to's, but we occasionally enjoy creating this shot. It can be tricky with hair and makeup…but we’ve been known to flawlessly execute it occasionally if the bride is willing. This shot means draping the bride’s veil over her face and, in some cases – her groom’s, too. It offers a demure vibe that can be pretty under the right lighting and with the right background.

closeup of beautiful bride smiling, wearing her veil over her face


Technically, this shot needs no wind. We usually call upon our trusty and quick assistants to help us accomplish it. This veil photo positions the bride at a distance – with her groom or solo, and her veil freely flowing behind her. What it takes to get the shot is having one of our assistants gently grab the end of the veil, throw it into the air, and then run as fast as they can out of the frame. The result is pretty amazing.

bride and groom kissing in front of stately mansion in the Northeast. Bride's veil blowing in the wind