making the father of the bride first look special

Everyone knows about the first look – the first time the bride and groom lock eyes with each other on their big day. It’s a special and intimate time that we encourage all of our brides and grooms to do since it allows them to enjoy some alone time before the rest of the day, which is filled with overwhelming excitement amongst their many loved ones.

But let’s talk about the Father of the Bride first look. It’s also a sacred and touching moment we look forward to on every wedding day. As experienced wedding photographers, we’ve learned how to create the best environment for this time, so it’s sentimental for both the bride and her dad. We don’t “fake” this moment in photos. What you see – the teary eyes, the laughter, the smiles and hugs…it’s all real. We create real moments and then capture them for our brides to cherish forever.

The father-daughter first look typically goes down in the bridal suite once the bride and her bridesmaids are 100% ready. It happens before the bride and groom first look – so it’s a significant prelude – the bride is leaving her family to start a new one with her husband. We ensure there’s no chaos – so we whisk away the bridesmaids and anyone else from the area. We want complete peace and quiet so they can focus solely on each other. We also carve out a nice chunk of time for this special moment. The last thing we ever want is for our clients to feel rushed during the most cherished memories of their day. 

We often have the mother of the bride around for this moment, too, so she can make her way into photos after the bride and her dad share their special time. 

The father-daughter first look is also something we will discuss before the wedding during your timeline appointment. This meeting allows our bride to make requests for the first looks, too. There is always so much to consider, and every bride is different, so we always make sure we have every detail nailed down to a T before her big day. 

father sees his daughter for the first time on her wedding day