Melissa and Felippe Soar to Love

Though Melissa and Felippe come from two utterly, different worlds; combined with contrasting cultures, the two successfully came to be. Whilst leaning everyday their feelings continued to grow. Experiencing life together, they explored the world and actively engaged in playing many sports. Each little moment, significantly larger in the eyes of their love. 

On the day Felippe had proposed to Melissa, he'd mistakenly forgotten his vehicle shifted in "Drive" in the valet. Immediately, he ran for the car all the while only hoping that there wouldn't be a crash.

After saying yes, the two married. The affair was alit in a romantic ambience; Melissa had resembled a porcelain dove as she glided down the aisle only to be greeted by her ever hopeful lover, Felippe.

Today they are happily married with a new addition to the family, a puppy by the name of Emerald.