Ashley and Trey Combine the Sands of Time

24 has always been a lucky number for Trey and Ashley. They both met when they were 24 years old, they got engaged on the 24th of December and finally, they got  Married on the 24th of September. The young couple met when they'd both relocated to Nashville for work. After dating for little over two years, they'd  come to the decision it was time to spend the rest of their lives together.

They later married at the EAU Palm Beach Resort and Spa. A splendiferous ceremony decorated in pink rose petals emitted passion but above all love, as Ashley and Trey brought themselves together. And so it begins... The combination of both Ashley and Trey's sands, to stand the tales of time, all the while slowly mixing and becoming one. Breaking glass, serving as a symbol, only broken to be fixed. One soul split in two, grow separately, to mature, to find their other half and become whole again.