Becky and Nick's 50th Anniversary

Becky and Nick had met and fallen in love in high school in New Jersey. Both King and Queen at their Senior Prom and this year the two had celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

While in school, their teachers had the task of choosing a couple they believed would stay together after graduation. They got it right when they choose Becky and Nick!

Yeah, they actually still like each other!

They later went to Trenton State College together and graduated with the title of Captains of the Gymnastics Team. Shortly after, the couple had gone on to teach school together. 

Fours after graduating Becky and Nick had decided to move to Florida, where although they were at different schools, both had become guidance counselors. 

They now own their own financial service business, have two children, have five grandchildren, and their Favorite pastime is ballroom dancing.