Pamela and Fernando Share the Notion of Forever

Early morning bubbles create clouds to sit upon, as smiles and laughter fill the air. The gentle potion allows for the bold to break through. Confidence in abundance, simply a wonder knowing the one you hold most dear is ready to give her heart in return for yours.

Asking  nothing more than the notion of forever; to hold each other, wake up each morning and go to sleep each night, being  the first and last you’ll see evermore. 

He's the Clark Kent to her Louis Lane! In every moment, ready to save each other because they are each other's world.

As the Sun chases his Moon, he disappears into the heavens. But he is too strong and some of his rays escape, creating what we know to be twilight. In this brief moment, the Moon will see her love and both look upon a two, whom share a never ending love as strong as theirs.