Danielle and Matthew Create Something Timeless

Danielle and Matthew were just eleven and twelve when they'd first seen each other. Leading to a series of events; fourteen years later, they'd said "I do". Knowing each other through highs school; Danielle went off to college, while Matthew stayed in Fort Lauderdale to pursue his career. Without any contact for almost 5 years, the magic of Facebook's "People You May Know",  led to a friend request. About a week later they had met up and immediately, they'd known there was something more than just a lost friendship.

In the summer of 2015, Matthew had begun planning how he would eventually pop the question. A short while later, in front of many of their friends, Matthew had dropped to his knee at the conclusion of the Tunnels to Towers 5K. After saying "yes" and a night of celebration, they had come to find their proposal had been playing on the late night and morning news. 

Today, Matthew and Danielle love to travel, spend plenty of time with their two boxers, and vacation with their family.