While we certainly won't force it, we often encourage our brides and grooms to "sneak away" from their wedding reception for a few minutes to take some beautiful wedding night photography. When we go over your wedding timeline with you, we can discuss when might be the best time to do this as some brides want to ensure they're still wearing their wedding dress versus their reception dress (or vice versa). Don't worry; we're always flexible if you're too busy boogying on the dance floor to your favorite song. This quick, creative shoot can wait! It's absolutely worth it, though, as the photos always speak for themselves. Here are three reasons why you should consider some late-evening photos with your wedding photographer...

bride and groom at night
bride and groom cheers-ing with champagne in getaway car
bride and groom in fancy hotel bar

It will Give You a Breather

It can be really overwhelming having your 100+ guests approach you for compliments and questions. This quick photo escape will give you a chance to breathe and recharge. As always, you can expect super casual and fun moments with your photographer that are anything but stressful. Enjoy the 20 minutes or so of peace and quiet.

Time Alone Together

It's pretty crazy how little time you will actually spend alone with your partner on your wedding day. Aside from the first look, you'll be amongst your bridal party and guests the entire day. This added bonus time is special and sacred for couples who don't mind just a few more pictures...

The Photos are Stunning

When it comes to your wedding day photos, Muñoz Photography will stop at nothing to make sure you have a gorgeous and diverse selection of captures from throughout your day. Our daytime and sunset shots are always guaranteed to be beautiful, but there is something special about late-evening photography – whether it's inside the venue or outdoors. Our couples are always quite a bit more relaxed at this point, and the night sky offers a completely different vibe for pictures.

bride and groom at sunset in Montana
bride and groom posing on high rise in downtown miami
bride and groom posing in front of church at night
bride and groom posing with getaway car at night
bride and groom posing with castle in Ireland
bride and groom on dock in Jupiter Beach