Ancient Spanish Monestery

Miami, FL.

The Ancient Spanish Monastery is one of the most popular wedding venues in South Florida with its arched columns, spacious gardens, and authentic European architecture. The monastery, which was originally constructed in Spain, adds a nostalgic touch of European grandeur right in the heart of southern Florida.



The Ancient Spanish Monastery was originally constructed in northern Spain in 1141 AD and survived for nearly 700 years until social revolutions overtook the church. In 1925, William Randolph Hearst purchased the Cloisters and Outbuildings and shipped them to the United States in 11,000 different packages. It wasn’t until 26 years after Hearst’s death that the Monastery was reconstructed here in southern Florida. To this day, much of the monastery’s construction pieces are from the original design that stood in France for hundreds of years.

Ceremony & Reception Locations

Receptions are held on the covered stone passages that run along the perimeter of the courtyard. If you wish to have cocktails before the reception, you can do so in the gardens. Receptions are 3 hours long and each additional hour is $500. You’re also free to bring your own vendors to the reception and decorate as you wish. Should you choose to have an evening wedding, you’ll still be able to have a reception as long as it ends by 12:30am