Our Mission

We are Muñoz Photography, a creative studio dedicated to capturing memories that last a lifetime. We’re a widely devoted team with a deep understanding of the photography and videography industry.

In 1909, Muñoz Photography was founded in Cuba by Hijino Muñoz in his pursuit of capturing stories through photography. The studio has gone through four generations of photographers over the past century, but the central core values have always stayed the same. Integrity, honesty, quality, and passion are the keys to our studio's longevity.

Muñoz Photography studio exterior at sunset, professional wedding and event photography services.
The family

Our team

A headshot of Master Craftsman Photographer of Muñoz Photography, Tom Muñoz.
Tom Muñoz
Master Photographer
Mario Muñoz
Master Photographer
A headshot of master photographer of Muñoz Photography, John Fusco.
John Fusco
Master Photographer
A lead wedding photographer for Muñoz Photography, Santiago Azpurua.
Santiago Azpurua
Master Photographer
A headshot of a master photographer for Muñoz Photography, Bailey Albertson.
Bailey Albertson
Master Photographer
Web design & developer for Muñoz Photography, Ryan McGowan.
Ryan McGowan
Creative Director
A headshot for the Technical Director of Muñoz Photography, Jose Barajas.
Jose Barajas
Technical Director
A headshot of the Video Manager of Muñoz Photography, Ari Feldmiller.
Ari Feldmiller
Video Production Manager
A headshot of lead wedding album designer of Muñoz Photography, CJ Messina.
CJ Messina
Lead Album Designer
our international recognition


Our studio has won numerous accolades for over 100 years. Some of the notable awards are Certified Professional Photography, PPA Master Photographer, 6x World Photographic Cup Selections, Kodak Gallery Award and many more.

A collection of awards that Muñoz Photography has won over the past 100 years.

The Muñoz Journey

Follow the 100 year journey step by step to see how we got to the place we're in


Muñoz Photography, originally 'Foto Studio Muñoz' was founded in Cuba by Hijino Muñoz. Hijino Muñoz is Tom & Mario's great grandpa.

An image of Hijino Muñoz in front of a desk in 1909 with cameras and photography portraits.


Hijino paved the path for his son, Tomas Muñoz, to expand the Muñoz Photography enterprise.

An original of the Muñoz Photography studio when it first opened a studio in 1940.


Tomas Muñoz met with Fidel Castro. In this meeting, the Cuban leader offered Tomas a position as Provisional General. Tomas quickly agreed than packed all his packes and moved his entire family to Florida the next day.

An image of the studio that was purchased in 1962 in Havana, Cuba.


Tomas was resilient and wouldn't let the Cuban Communist government fool him into letting his business go. He established Muñoz Photography in Florida and years later, employed his brothers and his children to work for the studio.

A headshot of the original owner of Muñoz Photography, Mario Muñoz.


Tomas's youngest son, Mario Muñoz Sr., graduated High School at the age of 16 and was eager to immediately join the photography business.


Soon after, Mario Munoz Sr. became the owner of Muñoz Photography and soon later had four sons: Tom, Armando, Mario Jr., and Marceliano.


Mario Sr's eldest son, Tom Muñoz, was always eager to pick up a camera and that's why at just 12 years old he captured his first wedding.


Tom was the first of the four sons to dedicate his life into become a renown photographer. At the age of 16, he was responsible for photography family portraits and events for the Royal Family.


Tom's passion sparked a fierce competition between the four brothers to become the best photographer in the family.


Mario and Tomas have been recruiting employees with the potential to grow the studio. John Fusco and Anthony Roman are some of the notable talents that have been brought in for expansion. Each photographer has create their flair for photography and since joining, have been both awarded as Master Photographer of the Professional Photographer's Association


Mario, Tom and Marceliano were all selected to represent the United States in the World Photographic Cup.

An image of Marceliano, Mario, and Tom Muñoz as they claim their position in the World Photographic Cup.


Muñoz Photography now photographs over 300 events a year. Our model enables us to photograph 6 events a day.

A team picture of Muñoz Photography with a sleek brown background. Composition photography by Muñoz Photography.