Miami, FL.

If you ever dreamed of getting married in a European mansion, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens wedding venue is for you. Located on the bay in Miami, Florida, this wedding venue will transport you and your guests back several hundred years to old-world Italian beauty. It’s famed for its elaborate gardens and perfect symmetry with interior design and decor unlike any other American villa. Here are all the details you need to know about hosting a Vizcaya wedding.


If you wish to choose your own caterers, florists, musicians, etc, this is the perfect venue. While they don’t offer any of these event services, they allow you to hire whoever you choose as long as the vendor is licensed. You should also be prepared to obtain a catering and rental equipment permit. The highlight of this venue is its natural beauty, so you won’t require elaborate decor. As most of the ceremony locations are outdoors, you may rent tents from the venue. They also recommend that you hire police officers for parties of 300 plus people. You may choose to hire valet drivers as their parking lots only accommodate 125 cars. Music is allowed, though they request that it’s kept to an appropriate level as they are located in a residential neighborhood. Their weddings typically go until 11pm, though for an additional fee, you can have yours last until 1am.


Ceremony & Reception Locations

East Terrace The East Terrace was originally the front of the main house and serves as a fabulous ceremony or reception location for your Vizcaya wedding. Biscayne Bay serves as the backdrop of the Terrace with a flight of stone steps leading up to the Main House’s entrance, where many brides choose to say I Do. This is a classic location for both daytime and evening ceremonies as the lights around the property illuminate the East Terrace. The East Terrace can accommodate up to 300 people. The Gardens A Vizcaya gardens wedding is unlike any wedding you have ever attended. There are several incredible ceremony locations in the gardens and you will have full access to them during the day and the evening. However, the Vizcaya gardens really stand out as one of the best wedding venues for photos. The garden’s natural beauty, adorned with reflective pools, bridges, stone steps, pathways, statues, and greenery, is always a big hit with our clients. The venue is also equipped with lights making it ideal for either daytime or evening shoots. If you choose to shoot on a day other than your wedding, you may obtain a photography permit from their office. This allows you unlimited time to take photos in the gardens until it closes at 5:30pm. Some of the most popular ceremony (and outdoor reception) locations include The Secret Garden, The Formal Gardens, and the Forecourt. The Inner Courtyard If you’re worried about rain ruining your Vizcaya wedding, but also want the feel of an outdoor ceremony, the Inner Courtyard is an ideal solution. It has a glass roof that allows the sunlight in but keeps the rain out with native plants lining the walls. The room is surrounded by arched passageways that run the length of the perimeter, enhancing its European grandeur. With a capacity of 100 guests, this is ideal for smaller parties, cocktails, or receptions. If you need a photographer to capture the special moments of your Vizcaya wedding, we’re happy to help. Contact us today to learn more.