May 14, 2024

8 Important Details to Remember on your Wedding Day (Bride's Edition)

Bride Tips • Wedding Day

As seasoned luxury wedding photographers with over two decades of experience capturing the magic of South Florida weddings, we've witnessed firsthand the importance of attention to detail on the big day. Brides, in particular, have a lot on their plates, but remembering these eight crucial details will help you ensure a smoother, more enjoyable wedding experience.

1. Lipstick Logistics

While most brides we work with remember this important beauty detail, we have seen some who forget...and it's always a huge bummer for them when they realize it too late. It's essential that you purchase and bring along the lipstick your makeup artist will use on your big day. This ensures consistent touch-ups and guarantees you'll have the perfect shade for photos.

2. Emergency Kit Essentials

From fashion emergencies to headaches, packing an emergency kit with items like fashion tape, safety pins, and Advil can be a lifesaver. We've even seen some brides bring needle and thread – and we've witnessed some brides use it on unexpected wardrobe malfunctions, too! Oh, and don't forget tiny bandaids for those pesky blisters from new shoes, too. Heel inserts are also a godsend for many brides.

3. Beauty Touch-Up Kit

In addition to the lipstick you'll be wearing, plan on packing a beauty touch-up kit with essentials like hairspray, bobby pins, and oil blotting sheets. This ensures you stay looking fresh and flawless all day long.

4. Fuel for the Day

Keep your energy up by stocking the bridal suite with ample food and drinks. It's a long day, and staying hydrated and nourished will help you and your bridesmaids feel your best from morning until night. We recommend both healthy and hearty snacks and at least one full meal like sandwiches, bagels and smears, or protein-rich salads. As for drinks – plan on stocking plenty of bottled water, coffee, and if you're indulging – plenty of champagne or Prosecco too.

5. Heel Stoppers

For outdoor photo sessions in sandy and grassy areas, heel stoppers are a must. These simple "accessories" can prevent sinking and slipping, ensuring picture-perfect moments and unscathed stilettos.

6. Flat Lay Details

Remember to supply your wedding photographer with all your wedding day details, like your invitation, perfume, earrings, and rings. Flat lays will help tell the story of your day.

7. Vendor Considerations

It's always appreciated when our brides and grooms include vendor meals and it has become pretty standard over the years. If it's a thoughtful gesture you want to do, be sure to communicate it to your caterer in advance. Keeping your vendors well-fed ensures they can perform at their best.

8. Cash for Tips

Don't forget to set aside cash for vendor tips. Entrust this task to your maid of honor or a responsible individual who can handle distributing tips promptly and discreetly.

By remembering these eight important details and envisioning potential less-than-ideal scenarios, brides can proactively address any challenges that may arise, allowing them to relax and fully immerse themselves in the joy and beauty of their wedding day. After all, it's thoughtful planning and attention to detail that transforms a good wedding into an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.