April 18, 2024

Drone Photography on Your Wedding Day

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When to Use Drone Photography for Weddings

While Muñoz Photography generally stays away from wedding photography trends and boasts a style known around the world for its beautiful blend of classic portraiture and contemporary edge, when it comes to drones, we are all in! Drones have changed the game with wedding photography and videography, allowing us to get even more innovative with how we choose to document our clients' big days. And, we’ve found that the use of drones hasn’t taken away from our unique and award-winning style, either.

We are very deliberate with how – and where we fly our drones. First, it’s only worthwhile if our clients’ wedding venue is impressive from an aerial view. We love nothing more than showcasing an incredible resort or event space on its own and also with the addition of the bride and groom in the frame. Whether from a 45-degree angle or from directly above, photographing a couple’s first look and/or the impeccably decorated ceremony area can be striking with the right light and of course, detailed posing and directing of the bride and/or groom when appropriate for the photo.