May 14, 2024

How to Ensure an Epic First Dance at your Wedding

Wedding Day • First Dance Photography

Practice Makes Perfect

This probably goes without saying, but when you've only rehearsed your first dance once...or twice, it shows. Now, we've seen some naturally dance-inclined couples wing it really well, but that is not the norm. After you've picked your song, consider a few (or several) dance classes with a pro. If that's not in your budget, then check out YouTube videos of first dances (ideally with the same song choice) for inspiration and/or full sequences. Learn some moves and practice in your living room a few times a week in the month leading up to your wedding. We promise it's worth it.

Pick a Song that People Know

We know there are tons of beautiful obscure songs out there that might be tempting, but if you want to hold your guests' attention, then choose a song that's short and sweet and also well-known by most. We've seen really fun, fast, and upbeat first dances, and also slow and sentimental ones. Either works. Also, make it short and sweet. First dances should be three minutes or less in length, even if you have to cut the song short.

Add a Little Spice

Some of the best first dances we've seen have a little something extra – usually at the end. Whether it's an unexpected transition from a slow and sweet song and dance to something a little more rowdy and fun...or it involves pulling the bridal party on the dance floor for some easy choreographed moves, try to add in a little spice to make it memorable for you and your partner – and all of your guests too.

Consider Your Footwear

If you really want to boogie but your heels or slippery dress shoes are going to hold you back, ditch 'em! Throw on a pair of fun sneakers instead and enjoy yourself. We know this can be tricky for brides due to dress lengths but we've seen some pretty easy improvisations to dresses that work for this specific need!