May 16, 2024

Our Top 5 Wedding Getaway Car Ideas

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The Best Wedding Getaway Cars

Let's talk about wedding getaway cars! From vintage Corvettes to Ferraris to antique, vintage, and new Rolls Royces on repeat, Muñoz Photography has photographed them all.

When capturing these shots, we love using the car's leading lines, door frames, rearview mirrors, and window reflections. It's a really fun way to flex our creative muscles and allows us to tell another piece of the wedding day story. Our couples go nuts over these photos, too, because they’re a nice break from the more standard bride and groom portraits.

So, if you’re wondering what kind of car you should choose for your end-of-evening exit (and for some epic photos, too), look no further.

The Family Heirloom

If (and this is a big “if”) you happen to have a prized car in your family – whether it be a vintage Corvette, Rolls Royce, or even a beautifully maintained Cadillac, we highly recommend you get your hands on it for your big day. There’s just something special about an heirloom car. As for driving the car – well, that’s partly up to the owner, of course, but in the past, our clients have either hired a driver or called upon the help of the car’s owner for an escort back to the hotel.

bride and groom standing next to vintage yellow corvette
The Shiny New Sports Car

We don’t see a lot of new(er) sports cars at our weddings. So when we get to photograph our clients alongside a Ferrari or Lamborghini, we’re pretty excited. If you’re a luxury sports car fanatic, or you happen to own one – they always photograph awesomely. Dare we say they offer some added sex appeal?

bride and groom posing next to red sports car
The Classic

We’ve photographed more Rolls Royce cars than we can count. These luxury getaway cars seem to be the go-to for most South Florida weddings. And for good reason! They boast a timeless elegance that looks good next to a high-end property or venue. In photos, they look even better – we have a lot of fun with these cars when capturing fun angles, leading lines from the door frames, and reflections in the windows, too.

bride and groom kissing next to rolls royce
The Pop of Color

If you’re a traditionalist, then this route probably isn’t for you. But we have seen some super cool retro getaway cars painted in bright shades of turquoise, yellow, and blue. Probably our favorite to date was a '70s Chevy Camaro in pristine condition. That added pop of color made for some fun images and nicely changed up the vibe of our couple’s photos.

bride and groom posing next to blue retro chevy
The Antique

Quite possibly, our favorite wedding getaway cars to photograph are the antiques. The Roaring 20s was an interesting era for many reasons, and the high employment in the U.S. allowed many to spend extravagantly on material items – like amazing cars. The design and attention to detail with these cars are incredible, and when our clients have been lucky enough to score one for their wedding day, it’s a big deal for all. The car becomes a focal point at the venue, and the photos we capture are downright spectacular.