May 14, 2024

Way More than Wedding Photographers

Wedding Day • Wedding Photography

If there’s one thing our clients will all agree on – it’s that we provide the royal treatment on their wedding day. Not only do we create incredible imagery for our couples, but we also do a lot of behind-the-scenes tasks that, quite frankly, not all wedding photographers provide (or are capable of). When you hire Muñoz Photography as your wedding day photographers, you will enjoy endless perks in addition to award-winning photography.

We Keep You On Time

While this is usually the responsibility of the wedding planner, we assume the role during the getting ready portion of the day when the planner typically isn’t around. This time of day can make or break the schedule too, and most brides and grooms would prefer to relax and let the professionals keep track of time.

We Tie Ties, Attach Cufflinks, and Fix Many Wardrobe Issues

There’s always that one groomsman who can’t tie a proper tie, especially with a more complex knot like the “Full Windsor.” We are always quick to lend a helping hand with tying ties and bowties and can also help with cufflinks. Oh, and groom and groomsmen boutonnieres? We got you.

We’ve had several brides with last-minute veil and bustle issues, too, and have been able to step in and save the day. We can’t promise that we’ll bring a sewing machine and restitch a seam, but when it comes to minor issues, we’re always willing to help.

We Remember the Important Things

We cannot count the number of times we’ve realized the bride left her bridal bouquet in the hotel room before leaving the hotel. We always have our eyes on all the details, so we notice when things are missing. Your wedding day lifesavers if you will.

We Will Do (Almost) Anything for the Shot

If you’ve looked at our Reels on Instagram, then you’ve likely caught a lot of behind-the-scenes action where you can see us laying on the ground, running back and forth with veils in our hands, and putting ourselves in very precarious positions just to achieve an amazing shot. Our minds are always working on the next creative shot so our brides and grooms can enjoy photos that are anything but typical.